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Feeling a sense of financial security and being able to meet our own needs is critical for our overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In fact, being unable to do so activates the body’s “survival mechanisms”. Over time, this can lead to long term chronic disease, severe and persistent mental illness and prolonged periods of addictions and substance use. In addition, prolonged survival mode can alter out thinking and encourage us to engage in criminal behaviors that cause harm to ourselves or others. 


Signs of Optimal Health & Wellness

Indicators of thriving include: 

  • Feeling financially secure
  • Able to pay bills
  • Able to meet basic needs, such as housing, utilities, transportation payments and health care
  • Able to financially manage through emergencies
  • Ability to seek entertainment or go on vacation
  • Feeling of overall confidence and sense of security

Warning Signs

Indicators of warning include: 

  • Unable to pay for basic needs, such as food, housing and utilities
  • Unable to do the things you want to do
  • Unable to manage through a financial difficulty
  • Feeling insecure
  • Feeling physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stress
  • Feeling impact on or decline in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health due to being unable to meet basic needs
  • Prolonged use of substances or addictions
  • Criminal thoughts or actions


Financial security is important to your overall health and well-being. If warning signs are present, it may be time to evaluate your income source. Ask yourself: Do I have a budget? Do I need to cut my budget or have more income? Can I change my income source? What do I need to do to be financially secure and do the things I want to do? 




  • Make a budget that includes the things you absolutely need, as well as the things you want
  • Find a job or legal income source that meets your immediate needs, as well as enables your future goals


If you are unable to meet your basic needs, it may be time to get help. 




If you have active thoughts or intentions of harming yourself or others: 

  • Dial 911; or
  • Go the nearest hospital emergency room





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